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First Ever Metaverse Fashion Week; Beyond the Screen.

From March 24 to March 27, 2022, Decentraland will organize the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) in the metaverse, which will set the standard for digital fashion shows in the metaverse in the future. Since last year, the metaverse has grown at an exponential rate.

Background of Decentraland

As a virtual portrayal of the real world, Decentraland has a virtual city with rapid transportation systems, planes, and buildings, as well as trees and bushes that mimic the real world.

With its roots in an early 2D grid, the blockchain-based ecosystem of Decentraland has evolved into a 3D universe. They are marketed as NFTs and are referred to as LAND. For trade purposes, Decentraland's decentralized currency, MANA, is utilized.

What we know about Metaverse Fashion Week

Fashion in the metaverse has taken a major stride forward with this release.

*Photo credit source: Take a stroll around the GUCCI GARDENS on Roblox!

(Image: Lifestyle Asia Singapore)

*Photo credit source: A screenshot from inside Metaverse Fashion Week.

(Cameron Thompson/CoinDesk)

In Decentraland, 70 Brands Try to Demonstrate Style.

The virtual fashion event will include brands like Estée Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Forever 21. Many spent hours securing metaverse-compatible trademarks in what seems to have been a preemptive brand protection campaign ahead of their NFT debut.

Digital products and metaverse shopping experiences have made it easier for people to express themselves and learn about themselves through wearables on avatars, says Sam Hamilton, the creative director for Decentraland.

*Photo credit to source

Avatars will walk the runways as virtual versions of actual people, with some items available to buy and wear in Decentraland and others having a physical counterpart. Virtual goods can be purchased and immediately worn on an avatar; visitors to MVFW can sell the item or redeem an NFT to purchase the brand's physical counterpart. A physical embodiment isn't necessary for every brand. Consumers can scan a QR code when they visit a virtual shop to have a 3D replica of the item appear in their actual location at home through their smartphone camera.

Anyone can attend MVFW, however, to purchase a wearable, they must have an Ethereum wallet. Therefore, the metaverse fashion week is an interactive customer experience in which purchasing virtual apparel in Decentraland results in the shipment of a tangible replica for your actual wardrobe.

2022 will be a watershed year for the fashion industry?



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