Blockchain Consultancy for Enterprises & SMEs

The IWS team brings vast experience in Blockchain consulting for your Enterprise or SME to deliver complexity reduction and system integration for any part of your business' value chain, and to improve the security of legacy systems.

Our experience as blockchain consultants come from an extensive network to different industries globally, allows us to identify, recommend and implement the best suitable Distributed Ledger Technology solution for your business needs.

Why Blockchain for Your Business



The distributed ledger enables a shared system of records among business network members. This eliminates the need for reconciliation of different ledgers


The consensus is required from the members on the network. In addition, the transactions are permanently recorded. Even system administrators cannot delete transactions. This prevents data corruption and manipulation


The members on the Blockchain network will have access privileges and the information can be shared with them on a need to know basis.This creates effective decentralized governance structures across different members of the value-chain

Cost Reduction

It is estimated that Blockchain can reduce operating costs by 30% in the banking payments and other financial infrastructure sectors. This increases profits and customer experience


Industrial Application of Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain Disruption Across Industry Sectors


Clinical data across hospitals and allied medical institutions enable patients to control their data and increase the quality of care to patients

Banks & Financial Institutions

Financial institutions will have enhanced customer satisfaction due to the security and trusless features of Blockchain technology


The insurance industry will be revolutionized due to the incorruptible nature of the data, which ensures transparency in the system


The insurance industry will be revolutionized due to the incorruptible nature of the data, which ensures transparency in the system


The Blockchain ensures that the data of citizens are secure, protected, and accurate to maintain trust in the government

Supply Chain & Automotive

Blockchain allows innovative mobility services, adding traceability and secure financial transactions

Travel & Transportation

The Blockchain will reduce fraud, increase operational efficiency, and ensure faster transactions for passengers and other stakeholders

Media & Entertainment

An ecosystem of assurance is built around digital content with Blockchain’s immutable, secure and trustless network


Blockchain will provide transparent tracking of agricultural products from growth to consumption



Determine blockchain use case for internal complexity reduction and client-specific applications


Showcase technical feasibility & business model and recommendation of underlying blockchain technology & protocols


Integrate blockchain applications to replace legacy systems. Create your customized cryptocurrency & token ecosystem, i.e. for client loyalty programs


Train your employees to handle & maintain new system structures running on distributed ledger technology. Train your customers & clients to achieve an optimized implementation & operation

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