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The Need For Funding: Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)

The Backbone Of Our Economy

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) make up to 90% of all firms and account on average for 60-70% of total employment and 50% of GDP. Often, these businesses lack the experience to fund their growth. Bank loans are mostly the means to finance expansion. However, many smaller businesses cannot satisfy the bank requirement to qualify for the loan. Hence, SMEs need to be encouraged to utilize diversified sources of financing.
(Source: OECD, Worldbank)

Beyond debt financing, most commonly in the form of bank loans or a revolving overdraft facility, SMEs often struggle to identify alternative sources of funding, and particularly long-term funding. Ideally, private equity/venture capital is seen as an attractive proposition, as it often comes with value-added post-investment technical assistance and business strategy guidance attached to it.

Digital technologies such as Blockchain and Security Token Offerings (STO) gives companies, the ability to obtain alternative funding by digitalizing their assets or shares, disrupting a $24n+ market.


Bottlenecks faced by small businesses in developing countries (Source ITC, Worldbank)

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Security Token Offering (STO) Advisory

Complete STO Advisory Service

Based out of Singapore our international team of STO / Digital Assets experts will assist your business in exploring growth financing via security token offerings.

As security tokens are subject to federal laws, we are prepared to ensure businesses that seek STO solutions are compliant with the proper authorities such as U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), or any other jurisdiction.


Security Token Business Planning, Financial Modelling


STO Whitepaper, Pitch Deck Creation


Token Type & Economics


App, Platform, Website Design


Blockchain Technology Advisory


Token Creation & Issuance


STO / ICO Marketing & Advertisement


Private & Public Fundraise


Secondary Market Trading & Listing

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STO / IEO Consultants


Identify the type of security which the issuing company wants to tokenize. For example equity, real estate or commodities.


Assess the key risks of the undertaking and advise on legal structure, required jurisdiction checks for token compliance, and determine which investors can participate in the offering. Advise American companies on current SEC and CFTC regulations. Evaluate the valuation of the underlying asset to set the price for the token.


Create tokens through the issuance platform. The token is developed with embedded/programmed regulation into a smart contract. Clients are provided with a dashboard for investment management and verification including KYC/AML, and token rights such as voting.



Create marketing materials including a whitepaper, investor pitch deck and STO website. Prepare a marketing campaign incl. social media and community management, influencer, bounty programs and PR articles.

Token Sale

Tokens are offered through the Security Token Offering. Find institutional / accredited investors in the private sale phase and retail investors in the public sale phase to purchase your tokens. Investor round-table and pitching events, and fundraising.


After the STO, tokens can be listed on Security Token Trading Exchanges so that investors can trade the tokens on secondary markets. This provides new liquidity to investors.


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