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Blockchain Uncomplicated (part 2)

An amazing summary of real-world use-cases and applications you can find under this link "50+ Blockchain".

I would like to speak a bit about mass-adoption and use-cases.

Making Money? 95% of the people do not treat Bitcoin or other coins as a “currency”. Rather, it is more of a financial commodity, an asset that is powered by the technology of the future, and that would a great ROI years down the line. Hence, the value of these crypto-assets come from their potential uses. In fact, most of the altcoins that are traded are not stores-of-value. Instead, they are backed by products and firms which aim to create a dent in the relevant industry.

Cryptocurrencies are the global stock market of the future. By understanding this, we move from a temporary, 10x overnight returns, 'when lambo, when moon' mindset to a permanent, "slow" and steady 1-2x per month returns mindset (isn't 1-2x per month fantastic!). Investing in solid technologies builds a strong portfolio. One that has the potential to reach seven figures in a few years. Still, like many unknown commodities, crypto-assets are subject to market risks and price volatility.

"How many unbanked people have we banked?" Vitalik Buterin (Founder Ethereum)
“I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash.” Milton Friedman (Economist)

Sports. Investing in athletes has generally been the purview of sports management agencies, but blockchain could decentralize the process of funding athletes by democratizing fans’ ability to have a financial stake in the future of tomorrow’s sports stars. Netscouter provides a decentralized investment platform and funding ecosystem, build to empower amateur football teams around the world to raise to new superstars and to create football-related content, while giving fans and investors an opportunity to support their favorite players.

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Currency Alternative. Cryptocurrencies provide a digital alternative to government-issued fiat currencies and can be used in marketplaces to buy everything from a cupcakes to plane tickets to cyber pets. DICE effectively 'Fundraising through Crypto mining' provides the perfect currency payment alternative e-cash for retailers and other industries, unhackable!

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Charity. For those making charitable donations, blockchain provides the ability to precisely track where your donations are going, when they arrived, and whose hands they ended up in.

Government And Public Records. The management of public services is yet another area where blockchain can help lessen paper-based processes, minimize fraud, and increase accountability between authorities and those they serve. MARAChain is the first secure exchange of digital documents with GDPR EU standard, available from any device.

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Law Enforcement. In police investigations, maintaining the integrity of the chain of evidence is paramount, so a distributed, hard-to-falsify record kept via blockchain could provide an added layer of security to the evidence-handling process. In addition, blockchain can be leveraged for flagging certain kinds of transaction patterns — giving police a heads up when an individual engages in suspicious financial activity.

Retail. Currently, consumers’ sense of trust in the retail system is mainly linked to their trust in the marketplace where their purchases are being made. (Example, trust is a key element of Amazon’s success with customers.) Blockchain could decentralize that trust, attaching it more to the sellers on various marketplaces and platforms than to the sites themselves. NOBAR here provides a single cryptocurrency operating on a single platform which will unify all commercial activities (B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, POS, job, ads), secure and fast.

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Human Resources. If employment and criminal records were stored in a blockchain ledger (and thus free from the possibility of falsification), HR professionals could streamline the vetting process and move hiring processes forward more quickly.

Business And Corporate Governance. The benefits of using blockchain for smart contracts and verifiable transactions can be applied toward making business accounting more transparent and efficient. xDAC is a self-governed platform enabling fair competition between companies as all companies are regulated by same rules, automated dispute resolution, and creating / managing decentralized autonomous companies.

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Credit Histories. Lenders minimize the risk posed by loans or lines of credit to small businesses by evaluating their histories using business credit reports. MyCreditChain is a credit ecosystem enabling a better relationship between creditors and lenders. People will own their personal credit information and can also sell securely on a user consent platform.

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3D Printing and Manufacturing. 3D printing and “additive manufacturing” (aka building 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material) are highly technology-driven processes, whereby the digital files involved can be easily transmitted with the click of a mouse. Using blockchain to support these evolving infrastructures can eliminate security vulnerabilities, protect intellectual property from theft, and streamline project management, ultimately helping the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sectors to grow and scale. Productivist stands out among its competitors creating a new standard for smart manufacturing production. Using Blockchain, our open eco-system will manage remote, secure, effective solution for manufacturers and their clients by decentralizing the production processes.

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Messaging Apps. Encrypted messaging app Telegram raised $1.7B from private sale investors. Chat platform Kik has raised over $100M via an ICO for its in-app currency. And Line, Japan’s most popular message service, is allegedly planning to expand into cryptocurrency trading.

Exchanges. Binance, the best known example, emerged about a year ago, processes USD$3bil worth of transaction every day in its meteoric raise. Sidera, will offer much more, a scalable ecosystem revolves around a new revolutionary way of storing crypto: Decentralized Wearable Devices (DWD)!

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Forecasting. With an unshakably accurate transaction record supporting their data analysis, forecasting operations will have a stronger foundation for using machine learning algorithms to cultivate targeted predictions and insights.

Loyalty Programs. Blockchains help retailers to make those systems cheaper and more secure. With fewer middlemen needed to process the issuing of cards and sales transactions, and using blockchain-reliant gift cards is more efficient. BiteCoin - Food delivery loyalty for restaurants, with cryptocurrency as payment and reward - using proprietary AI-induced on-the-chain FTC algorithm with alpha-contracting invariant sets, innovative and rewarding.

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Insurance. A decentralized Insurance industry means that companies will have access to the information they need. They’ll be able to to create personalized policies, and save money with automated processes.

Commodity-Backed Currency. Some real-world currencies are backed by underlying physical commodities that have intrinsic value, and for a long time the US Dollar had an equivalent in gold.

Passive Income. Do you know you can maneuver around the volatile crypto market and still reap rewards!? With a Masternode you can earn substantial amount of rewards (how). However, the mount of staking coins needed to run a masternode is pricy. Furthermore, one masternode carries the risk of the project behind the coin failing, and so your investment. Thus, a masternode fund, with up to 10 different masternodes, diversifies the risk and increases rewards by adjusting they investment in popular masternodes. In a nutshell; you can earn by investing in a masternode fund, because even if the market goes down - transactions always take place - and diversification almost guarantees permanent rewards.

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Libraries. So far, the potential uses for blockchain in libraries include helping libraries expand their services by building an enhanced metadata archive, developing a protocol for supporting community-based collections, and facilitating more effective management of digital rights.

Publishing and IP. Blockchain's applications in the publishing industry, from breaking into the industry to rights management to piracy. Authors own the copyright to their work, so they have the freedom to publish and distribute. NKOR is changing the copyrights industry, providing a seamless solution for registering, tracking, and distributing digital data.

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Video Streaming. Video is predicted to account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2021. Blockchain could help dramatically reduce the cost of video traffic by decentralizing video encoding, storage, and content distribution.

Crowdfunding. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), in which companies sell cryptocurrency-backed tokens in their companies in the same manner as a publicly-traded company sells stock, are another example of blockchain-powered crowdfunding. Stefan Bergström and Danny Christ providing ICO consulting and services from A-Z. Our global network reaches from Europe to UAE and Southeast Asia, which c-level connections to industry and corporations, in retail, banking, manufacturing, automotive, fashion, supply chain, software provider, real estate and hospitality, for business development, enabling partnerships beyond the ICO. We provide early token swaps for liquidity and risk diversification, exclusive investor events and marketing strategies to make your project a success. 🔥🔥ICOA🔥🔥

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