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DYOR don't FUD but HODL

…crypto slang...

FOMO: Fear of missing out.

The urgent need to get in on what everyone else is doing: buying a certain cryptocurrency when they think its price is about to pump.

HODL: Hold on to dear life (or “hold your coins”).

HODL is probably the most famous typo among the crypto community. Relax. “HODL” now means to hold onto a Cryptocurrency coin even if the price declines, hoping for a bullish market sentiment/ cycle in the future. Similarly, someone holding onto a coin that has plummeted in price is called a Bagholder.

FUD: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Market news, general economy, geopolitical issues, and influencers determine sentiments, which causing prices to rise or drop. FUD is a way to influence psychologically peoples mind by spreading doubt or fear about a cryptocurrency or any Blockchain project, which could cause a drop in price.

REKT: To suffer losses from coins that have dropped in value.

“Rekt” comes from the “wrecked” in gaming, and is used when a player gets completely destroyed in a game. So when someone loses a great deal of money from their collapsed coins, they get rekt!

Mooning: When a cryptocurrency is about to soar in both price and volume.

Your Cryptocurrency can get you rekt, or "take you to the moon" when their prices skyrocket. Famous example? When Bitcoin’s price pumped from 900 to 20,000 USD in 2017!

Whale: An investor who owns a lots of Cryptocurrency.

A whale would be someone who simply owns thousands of USD/ EUR worth of Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. Whales are said to potentially influence the markets/ pricing of certain coins, hence there should be a decent amount of holdings/ capital available to actually do that.

Pump and dump

Pumps happen when a great amount of attention leads to a coin’s price increase, or whales start buying a specific coins and then dumps. Dumps happens when the coin’s price crashes after an associated spread of negative emotions (or whales sell off). Pump and dump is yet another tactic used by groups to manipulate the sentiments of the crypto market.

SHILL: someone purposely promoting something for their own benefit

Often influencers start shilling - promoting a certain cryptocurrency if invested themselves in it. Goal is to make other people buy it and pump the price up.

Sats: Short for Satoshis

The smallest unit / denominator of Bitcoin is one Satoshi, equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC.

ATH: All-time-high

This the Short form which means “All-Time High”. ATH is often used by traders even before Blockchain Technology existed, however with Cryptocurrency prices flying through the roof it’s often used to celebrate after having surpassing highest price levels

DYOR: Do your own research

Buy first, now due diligence.... I am not a financial advisors, and you should always be sure to carry out your own research before investing in any Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain project. Basically, do research when you hear someone shilling a coin as the next big thing, before you buy.

Shitcoin: Cryptocurrency without much value

Evaluating why an altcoin (other coins than Bitcoin) is valued at a specific price requires a different approach than determining the price of securities or traditional currencies.

When Lambo?

When are we going to get rich and own a Lamborghini? Crypto get rich quick? Patience. But, yes there are certainly opportunities for you even without PhD.

Much more can be found here

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