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“There is no doubt that the learnings from the first commercial applications of the [drone] technology will spark even faster progress in expanding their range and adapting functionalities for each of the specific use cases.” - Piotr Romanowski (PwC CEE)

The unmanned logistics operating platform for the SKYF drone.

SKYF is an unmanned aerial carrier for vertical take-off and landing. It allows the development of unmanned aerial vehicles of various modifications for the

execution of various tasks, from cargo logistics and crop dusting to fire extinguishing. At the moment, the carrying capacity of the platform is up to 400 lbs., its flight range is up to 350 km and/or up to 8 hours (with an carrying capacity of 120 lb.).

What SKYFchain brings to the table?

SKYFchain is the first blockchain based B2R (Business-to-Robots) Operating Platform providing a disruptive solution for switching global logistics industries to unmanned systems. As an independent blockchain-based Operating Platform open to all industry participants it will contain critical information for each stage of lifecycle of a cargo robot.

Use-cases anyone?

Live Video introduction!


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