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FinTech Products

IWS supports innovative technologies in Project management / Product development in FinTech / Blockchain - from Think Tank to business plan, licensing, development and UAT.






Smart Mobility

Big Data

FX/Copy - Trading


​Wealth Creation

​Cyber Security


Autonomous & Digital Things


Blockchain Solutions

Digital Assets/Tokenisation/ Security Token Offering (STO) the alternative growth-financing

SME / Enterprise Blockchain Technology Application/ Integration to improve efficiency and to stay competitive

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) such as Blockchain is disrupting many industries with its transparent (auditable), distributed (secure) and immutable (tamper-proof) ledger that records transactions across a global network of computers automatically without central controlling party.

For example; supply chain management, cross-border payments, medical data storage, Intellectual Property rights, trade-finance, distributed cloud computing and IOT, and for voting.

Blockchain gives companies the ability to obtain alternative funding by digitalising their assets. For example real estate or equity as security token is performing the same function as conventional security, except confirming your ownership through Blockchain smart-contract.

  • Tokens reduce the capital requirements thus opening fundraising to a broader investor base

  • Digital (tradable) assets then also offer earlier liquidity (tradable on secondary markets/ exchanges)


Intelligent Workflow Solutions


Innovation & Integration

Effective implementation of technology is vital that allows the company to make better decision and stay on top of the industry trends. At IWS, we formulate solutions to complex technology challenges and offer in-depth knowledge to meet the organisational objectives. 


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