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FinTech Products

IWS supports innovative technologies in Project management / Product development in FinTech / Blockchain - from Think Tank to business plan, licensing, development and UAT.

IWS FinTech focuses on next-generation technologies that will impact lives in the next decade.

We partner with world’s leading corporates to support startups / SMEs through co-development and co-creation. At the same time, our corporate partners are able to inject new technologies and innovations into their existing businesses.        
IWS develops proprietary software products; and consults your company or startup on development through

1) Guidance on corporate structure, equity planning, business model, product-market fit, marketing, branding, finance, legal, pitch deck, valuation, capital raise planning, media training,

2) Mentoring through our network of successful entrepreneurs, industry, finance and investor relations experts, and

3) Resources such as facilities support, market expansion & landing, business partners, government & academia resources, investor relations, media relations, accounting & legal services, etc.    


NFT (Non-fungible Token)


DeFi (Decentralized Finance)





Digital Tokens

Asset Tokenization


Big Data